5 Ways Your Data is Protected – Print Audit’s Data Management

ice_process_overview-rev-7-nov-16By Phil Madders, PAE Business

Cross-border Data Management and Print Audit’s early initiative to stay ahead of the game.

Data protection has been and will always be a strong focus for Print Audit, a world leader in remote printer management.

However much information Print Audit’s tools collect within an office printing environment, data protection is always in place:

  • Any personal data (such as user name, print job name) will always reside and stay within the customer’s environment and behind the firewall
  • Only device related data will be pushed to the Print Audit server
  • Print Audit’s tools will never push data back to a customer’s server
  • Any information submitted to the Print Audit server will be highly encrypted (128MB SSL)
  • Print Audit’s server environment is located in Canada, a country with one of the world’s highest data protection standards

Data protection and privacy, and data sharing are hot topics. It is very important for us to assure our customers, their customers, indeed everyone interested in our products and services, that all our teams fully understand the very strict legal requirements; in particular in Canada and Europe.

Since our early days Print Audit has drawn a clear line between data visible within a customer’s environment and data transmitted to their service provider (see above graph) to fulfil their part of a Managed (Print) Services agreement.

So it’s good news for all of us that finally everyone is catching up with stricter regulations.

Print Audit and our customers can sit back and relax. All Print Audit tools are far from sharing any personal data outside the work environment protected by a customer’s firewall.

For more legal information visit: EuroLex or the Australian Law Reform Commission.