November 16, 2015

Industry Awards

From day one, Print Audit’s products and solutions have received industry awards and recognitions:

Print Audit Premier Wins 2016 MPSA Leadership Award for MPS Software Provider.

 Print Audit is awarded the CompTIA Managed Print Services Trustmark.

 Print Audit Premier Wins 2013 MPSA Leadership Award For Best MPS Innovation.

 Print Audit Wins 2013 Recharger Readers Choice Award for Best MPS Software

 Print Audit Rapid Assessment Key wins the coveted ‘Pick of the Year’ from the Buyers Laboratory Inc.

 Print Audit 6 Named Best Infrastructure Component Provider at 2010 MPS Leadership Awards. Please click here to view the story.

 Print Audit 6 Awarded with a perfect five star rating from Buyer’s Laboratory.

 Print Audit 6 Awarded with 2009 BERTL’s Best Award in the Print Management category.

 TechRev Awards Print Audit with a 2009 Alberta Innovators Award for its Technical Innovations.

 Print Audit Facilities Manager Awarded with 2008 BERTL’s Best Award in the Remote Fleet Management category.

 Buyers Lab Awards Print Audit Facilities Manager with Perfect 5 Star Rating.

 Buyers Lab Awards Print Audit 5 with Perfect 5 Star Rating.