Audit2Map The Print Assessment App

Audit2Map The Print Assessment App

Audit2Map is an intuitive tablet-based workflow supporting professional assessments saving 80% of the time for data collection and evaluation.

MPS Analysis

Easily map print devices directly to customers’ floor plans.

Automate the audit process saving time.

Automatically Calculate the TCO of thousands of devices and Environmental data

Future state and compare current with proposed print strategy

Audit2Map consists of 3 modules

Module 1
Current State; Data collection and analysis

Module 2
TCO; Financial analysis based on the collected data

Module 3
Future State; Planning and design of various proposals for the future design, based on the current state analysis

How it works

A new project and import your floor plan

Your devices and import print data from the Rapid Assessment Key or Print Audit Infinite Device Management quickly and easily

The printer barcode to improve data input and increase efficiency

Audit2Map The Print Assessment App

Convenience of tablet & power of a server

Audit2Map drastically reduces the time spent on auditing an existing environment as well as planning the new output environment.

On top of that all steps can be done on the tablet PC: simply drag and drop the optimised devices to the desired position on the floor plan.

It is, however, recommend, to prepare analysis, planning and optimisation using the power of the server application.

Feature Highlights

  • Up to 80% reduced time for data collection, current state and TCO
  • Seamless integration of data collected via Rapid Assessment Key
  • Integrated photo feature for floor plans
  • Bar Code scanner support for capturing device serial numbers
  • Offline data collection / Online data synchronisation
  • Complex project evaluation and proposal generation on the backend device

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