August 29, 2017

PAe Business Intelligence

PAe Business Intelligence Dashboard combines key business data into one solution

PAe Business Intelligence

PAe Business Intelligence integrates vital business information into one dashboard

The PAe Business Intelligence Dashboard allows users to monitor feeds and visuals from all Print Audit solutions and chosen 3rd party applications highlighting important KPIs within a business.

The Business Intelligence Dashboard is available via a responsive, web-based portal. Users can generate and present reports anytime and anywhere, with the same ease of use and elegant presentation across all devices. Data automatically feeds into the PAe Business Intelligence Dashboard, allowing users to monitor information from all Print Audit solutions and 3rd party applications of their choice

PAe Business Intelligence Dashboard

Key Features of PAe Business Intelligence:

  • Automatic data update
  • Data can be sourced from all Print Audit software and 3rd party applications e.g. service management systems, accounts packages and CRM systems
  • Drill down functionality
  • KPIs represented in graphical format for quick decision making
  • Gain competitive advantage through instant visibility of key business metrics
  • Available on all mobile platforms
  • Increase customer loyalty and customer satisfaction with single output information source

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The sheer volume of data that our customers have to analyse just to run their business effectively, and the growing appetite for data required to fulfil tender requirements is growing by the day. This meant we had to develop a solution that provided a dashboard capable of displaying data not only from our own solutions portfolio, but was open in terms of its architecture so it could be used to show key metrics from third party solutions such as Service Management Systems. PAe BI achieves this. We take data from a wide variety of sources within an organisation and display the required Key Performance Indicators. It is a powerful addition to our customers’ capability and provides them with a significant competitive advantage.

Phil Madders – Managing Director, Print Audit Europe



PAe Business Intelligence Dashboard