Print Audit Introduces Embedded Application for Xerox EIP-Enabled MFPs

Print Audit Introduces Embedded Application for Xerox EIP-Enabled MFPs

Print Audit Europe is pleased to announce that Print Audit Embedded for Xerox version 1.0.0 has been validated and released.

It is compatible with EIP (Extensible Interface Platform) equipped multifunctional products (MFPs). Print Audit Embedded is a comprehensive print governance and print management solution that brings a variety of print cost saving capabilities to Xerox customers.

Print Audit Embedded installs directly onto Xerox EIP-enabled MFPs, allowing users to control and recover printing, copying, faxing and scanning costs. Seamlessly integrated with the desktop versions of Print Audit 6 and Print Audit Secure, Embedded is a complete document tracking, charge-back, secure release and pull printing solution that eliminates the need for external hardware.

Print Audit’s partnership with Xerox ensures this embedded solution is feature rich and industry leading. One of the most significant features of the Xerox embedded is a multi-layer, linked authentication for account chargeback and recovery. This feature is extremely important in verticals such as legal where the common accounting format is two or three levels deep.

“This Embedded release has been beta tested in a number of Xerox organisations throughout the world in conjunction with the Xerox Development Partner program, and our first large scale customer implementations are already underway,” said John MacInnes, President and CEO of Print Audit. “We have a lot of Premier members that are excited to get access to this and we’re happy to say that it is ready for deployment as of this release.