Print Governance – Control print behaviour, control costs

Print Governance – Control print behaviour, control costs


Improve security and add value to your customers.

Print GovernanceDefined print management rules and secure printing methods to manage the print environment and ensure data security within. Delivering a comprehensive managed print service to your clients, adding to your value as a service provider.

The tools in our Premier Program allow our dealers to implement successfully, change for the customer, to drive volumes to their own devices as opposed to those left behind by a previous supplier. Print Audit 6 and Print Audit Secure solutions as part of the program set print rules and reduce waste in a customer’s print environment.

Cases are common where an end user chooses to ignore the new MFP recently installed and reverts to their old printer despite it costing more per page and being less productive.

The tools we provide to govern these situations sets print rules and provides explanations.

Print Audit 6 rules can be set to manage this through restrictions and recommendations on where and how the user should print, educating the user to understand the benefits to the company and TCO of stopping single-side printing, or sending full-colour emails to an inkjet printer.

Print Audit Secure reduces waste from print jobs, and provide confidential print to any user who requires it. The solution manages the security and flow of users to print jobs, enabling them to collect when it is convenient.

Print Audit 6 and Print Audit Embedded can be enabled to provide full cost recovery. This allows cost of printing, scanning and faxing to be assigned to a project, a matter code or a department.

Our case study of the King Edward VII School reported a 20% drop in page volume by allocating quotas to students using Print Audit 6. The volume for the dealer managing the account overall increased significantly. The lower cost proposition to the students to use MFPs allowed their quotas to go further. The print governance created a win-win situation.

Using our tools reduces the gap between potential savings reported during discovery and the realised results during implementation. Print governance sets the practical program that will be used to deliver the cost savings and increases in efficiency while reducing waste.