MySalesDrive powered by PAE Business

MySalesDrive – The Professional Floor Planning & TCO Tool

MySalesDrive is designed to accelerate and modernise Managed Print Services proposals and sales cycles


MySalesDrive is an award-winning solution to audit existing and prospective customers, it will help to win business by enabling you to speed up the sales process and provide better proposals than your competition.



MySalesDrive Key Features:

  • Easy floor mapping tool
  • Total Cost of Ownership analysis from an extensive database
  • Green credential calculator
  • Asset optimisation
  • Current and future state design
  • Branded proposal generator (Word and PowerPoint)
  • Generate accurate reports in as little as 10 minutes (if a floor plan is not required)

The modular design of MySalesDrive makes it easy and convenient to analyse and report on current state asset information, create future state proposals and present meaningful environmental and cost information.

Users can import floor plans to plot the current state and potential future state assets into different layouts. Floor planning can be done offline enabling users to work without the need for connection and can be synchronised when back on-line. The visual optimisation and floor planning application has an interactive drag and drop tool to allow the user to place assets in desired positions.

Machine data is easily imported from a range of PAe Business audit tools, simplifying the collection, plotting and TCO analysis.

Reporting is easy and can be generated from a range of standard templates or by creating and saving specific Dealer templates.

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