Business Processes – Input, output, intelligent decisions

Business Processes – Input, output, intelligent decisions


Make better business decisions

Business ProcessesMake intelligent business decisions and gain insights based on in-depth analysis and a reporting solution. Integrating all business processes with a Service Management ERP System to manage customers, print devices, service calls, inventory, customer contracts, billing, profitability, and resources.

Our dealer partners engage us to help solve real business issues how to sell more through auditing, how to increase efficiency in the back office, how to deliver toner in a more timely and cost-effective manner, have all been questions asked of PAE Business.

PAE Business dealer partners deploy Print Audit Infinite Device Management to offer a fully managed print service to their clients. When this is integrated into a Service Management ERP system all the business functions of an organisation can be brought together providing detailed statistical analysis of profitability by device, customer, model or other attributes. These in-depth insights into the organisation enable better business decisions. This integration improves the accuracy of billing, service management, inventory, and logistics.

PAe Business introduces PAeBI, a Business Intelligence dashboard streamlining data into one solution. It integrates information from Print Audit solutions and other third party applications in graphical format. The dashboard reports on relevant business information to help monitor important KPIs and allows the user to ‘drill-down’ to investigate any areas of that business that need attention.

Many Service Management Systems can be integrated with Print Audit Infinite Device Management including systems that our Dealers may already have in place. These systems cover all aspects of service provision, providing reporting on the reliability and profitability of every device in a printer fleet.

To help with logistics PAE Business has partnered with the Katun Corporation This partnership offers our dealers access to the Automatic Toner Fulfilment programme. This means toner is delivered on the dealers behalf directly to the printer. This eliminates the requirement to hold inventory, store, pick, pack and ship cartridges on site. It generates an alert which is the trigger for a fully automated process from the alert from Print Audit Infinite Device Management through to the delivery of the toner, once the dealer has authorised it. The solution reduces the cost of toner management, picking, wrapping and stock requirement creating cost and resource savings.