Discovery – Know your knowns and unknowns

Discovery – Know your knowns and unknowns


The first crucial step for all managed programs.

DiscoveryPAE Business offers a range of discovery tools to capture and collate data from network and local devices, and user data.
The total number of pages sent to devices and the actual volume of printing can be identified. The devices can then be plotted onto floor plans and their associated data analysed by a TCO (total cost of ownership) tool.
This data and analysis are then used to identify cost savings and to produce a recommendation for a new print strategy and managed content solution.

The question of how many printers (and other output devices) exist within an organisation is the first our dealers investigate when delivering improvements to a new or existing customer document workflow environment. Add the question of how many pages each printer produces, many organisations don’t know or don’t have the tools to answer these questions.

Our tools enable the dealer to take control of these cases.

Our clients use our tools every day to identify the opportunities to deliver a business benefit to their customers. These benefits range from reducing overall TCO, improving efficiency in workflows, through to rationalising printers and managing the content.

Rapid Assessment Key

The Rapid Assessment Key is a straightforward tool, which can be used by a sales person to generate a quick audit of all network printers. The tool reports the volumes produced by each device giving the sales person the information to qualify the opportunities.

Infinite Assessor

Infinite Assessor can also be run for 60 days to capture a complete monthly business cycle. Infinite Assessor will produce a full and detailed report on user activity within the print environment.

Infinite Assessor will show who printed, and what application they printed from. The tool will also show what the job consisted of and where the job was sent to. In total, the tool generates 38 fields of information. The built-in reports allow our dealers and their sales team to provide a good depth of detailed feedback on the printing practices and the consequences for the customer.


MySalesDrive is an award-winning TCO calculator and floor planning software offering solutions to Managed Print or Management Document Services. The modular design of MySalesDrive makes it easy and convenient to analyse and report on current state asset information, create future state proposals and present meaningful environmental and cost information.