December 4, 2015

Print Audit Premier

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Print Audit PremierThe Print Audit Premier Program is a comprehensive Managed Print Service program for dealers.


The Premier Program incorporates our portfolio of Managed Print Service tools.


Dealers can use the tools in the portfolio for the discovery of a current state, a proactive device management, and to implement print policy and rules.

The program is a simple subscription-based license model, starting at a subscription level of only 300 licenses. The licenses are all priced at the same level, and can be activated and de-activated at any time according to your requirements. Licenses in the program can be for any of the tools in the portfolio, not being tied to a particular level of functionality, providing an MPS toolset to win business and increase customer loyalty.

The toolset as follows:

Discovery Tools

Infinite AssessorPrint Audit Assessor, is designed to audit the who, what, where, and printing, by the users, network, and non-network printers. PAE Business is the only print management company granted access to office equipment from all the major device manufacturers. Our assessment tools instantly discover information from a network; print counts vs. copy counts, colour vs. mono counts, toner levels, life page counts, IP address, device description, asset number, location, and more.

Remote Management

Print Audit Infinite Device Management, installed easily, remotely tracks network printers to collate meter readings, provide alerts for managing toner costs delivery, and provide machine alerts – proactive machine base management. The proactive integration to Service Management Systems provides a seamless and efficient back office solution. Data can be assessed from anywhere via the internet, and data exported to third party ERP or Service Management Systems.

Print Governance

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Rules, cost management, and MI enable your customer to manage their print environment. Based on rules from printing to cost management, and analysis of management data. Re-directing jobs, enforcing printing limits, and controlling colour usage are a few of the ways to lower printing expenses of the end user by driving volume to your lower cost devices.

Secure, Follow-Me Printing

Infinite IconAssist your customers in adding security to their print, and allow the release of print jobs from any printer on their network. Infinite Secure Release eliminates paper waste from leaving pages at the printer reducing the environmental impact. Maintains compliance with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and GDPR by keeping confidential documents secure. Printer line-ups and malfunctioning devices are avoided by securely releasing documents on any machine on the network.

The above tools can be integrated at the discovery stage to the Floor Planning and TCO software, adding to the completion of the toolset.

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