mySalesDrive is an award-winning solution to audit existing and prospective customers. It will help to win business by automating the audit process. Delivering professional reports with the key information to outline the real benefits of your proposal.

The modular design of mySalesDrive makes it easy to analyse and report on the current situation at the customer, and automatically create a proposal to demonstrate the benefits of working with you to deploy a new print infrastructure. This includes detailed environmental and cost information.

mySalesDrive Features

  • Assessment

    Quick and easy capturing of IT hardware, printers, scanners, MFPs, software and processes.

    • Perform a floor walk and capture data onto a tablet
    • Import data from external device management systems
    • Manual input using comprised database for device entry
  • Evaluation

    The power of Mysalesdrive allows you to evaluate the current situation, create a report of your findings, in minutes rather than days.

    • Extensive, up to date device database to provide current pricing information
    • KPI dashboard to demonstrate TCO and environmental impact of current infrastructure.
    • Customisable reporting for internal or external project presentations
  • Optimisation

    Develop the best strategy and options for your customer using in-built tools.

    • Visual Optimisation to update devices, routes and specific configurations
    • Based your proposal on your own product portfolio and pricing.
    • Fully automated optimisation to create a very professional proposal to win the business
  • Closing the deal

    Generator tailored contracts to calculate the value of your proposal and what it offers your customers.

    • Calculation Assistant to provide financial data related to the optimised proposal
    • Automatically providing a customer ready presentation with your proposal
    • Closure, execution and customer care to ensure customer journey is correctly handled
  • Review

    Control and manage your accounts, use online overview, forecast and closing calculators to understand potential opportunities.

    • Sales Manager function to provide an overview of all active projects
    • Vendor function to provide forecasts, commission information and other important KPI
    • Project Management to assist with multiple personnel contributing to a project

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