PAE Business Intelligence Dashboard

The PAE Business Intelligence Dashboard allows users to monitor feeds and visuals from external applications highlighting important KPIs within a business.

The Business Intelligence Dashboard is available via a responsive, web-based portal which can be accessed at any time. Data automatically feeds into the PAe Business Intelligence Dashboard, allowing users to monitor information from our Device Management Products. We can also integrate with applications that you may be using to provide easily accessible data across your company.

PAE Business Intelligence Dashboard Features

  • Drill down and filtering

    Multi layered dashboarding to allow for specific and filtered research into machine, customer or account figures

    • Redefine searches based on clicks of filtering options
    • Laser Focus on customers or device types for identifying opportunities or problems
  • Graphical components

    The data from external solutions is processed and adapted into a graphical format

    • Out of the box dashboards
    • Dashboard component builder
    • Vital for highlighting KPI and business data
  • Source data application

    PAEBI can intake data from your PAE Business provided Device Management tool as well as multiple other business tools like accountancy software, ERP solutions and Service Management systems

    • Cloud storage for device management tools
    • Onsite installation for 3rd party applications
  • Automatic data update

    Automatic retrieval of data from opted integrated solutions to show up to date data about your business and customers

    • Routine data collection from multiple data-sources
    • Data is processed and adapted automatically
  • Mobile compatibility

    Latest mobile compatibility allowing you to view your customer and business data while on the move

    • Can be access from any network or platform
    • Adaptable depending on platform used

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