Remote Management – Manage devices, costs and more

Remote Management – Manage devices, costs and more


Maximise customer service and manage costs

Infinite Device Management IconOur award-winning software provides complete monitoring of all the print devices in the managed environment. Capturing meter readings in support of the current MPS programme, the software can be used as a stand-alone program or integrated into the billing system and service management application. Allowing a proactive management of print devices, running a just in time toner delivery, reducing toner costs and management.

Supporting a Managed Print Service strategy, our product Print Audit Infinite Device Management has established itself as one of the market leaders. The tool is simple to deploy, and is considered to deliver the most accurate and detailed data from a device. Print Audit Infinite Device Management has been a key component creating an effective and successful Managed Print Service for thousands of organisations around the world.

Print Audit Infinite Device Management produces data to provide accurate billing for your customers. The data it provides can become the backbone towards a pro-active service for an MPS program. For example the data can be used for just-in-time toner delivery, accurate billing, and to uncover further sales opportunities.

Print Audit has development partnerships with the majority of hardware manufacturers around the world. These partnerships ensure our device information is up to date and provide a lead on new devices being introduced by manufacturers and significant changes to the firmware to ensure our accuracy is not affected.

Print Audit Infinite Device Management integrates with the majority of back office systems providing efficient and accurate billing and toner management. The data is exported using a variety of methods. The speed of your back office systems can be increased, and the accuracy is improved. This automation allows your team to allocate time and resources on their most productive matters, rather than spending them on keying data into a service billing system. Over an 11 year period, PAE Business has integrated its systems with E Automate, Evatic, VCI, Purpose Software, Tesseract, Copy Control, and many others since the launch of the first versions of Print Audit Infinite Device Management.