February 16, 2016

Solutions Portfolio

PAE Business addresses everyday challenges in printing: print management, print security and cost saving

As a solutions partner for Managed Print Services, PAE Business has identified the following main areas:

Discovery – Know Your Knowns – Know Your Unknowns
Print Audit Assessor

The first crucial step for all managed programs.

PAE offers a range of discovery tools to capture and collate data from network and local devices, and user data.The total number of pages sent to devices and the actual volume of printing can be identified.

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Remote Management – Manage devices, costs and more
Infinite Device Management Logo

Maximise customer service and manage costs. 

Our award-winning software provides complete monitoring of all the print devices in the managed environment. Capturing meter readings in support of the current MPS programme.

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Print Governance – Control print behaviour, control costs

Improve security and add value to your customers.

Defined print management rules and secure printing methods to manage the print environment and ensure data security within. Delivering a comprehensive managed print service to your clients, adding to your value as a service provider.

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Business Processes – Input, output, intelligent decisions
Business Processes

Make better business decisions.

Make intelligent business decisions and gain insights based on in-depth analysis and a reporting solution. Integrating all business functions with a Service Management ERP System to manage customers, print devices, service calls, inventory, customer contracts, billing, profitability, and resources.

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