What’s new in Print Audit ICE version 1.31.0R

Guildford, June 06, 2018

We are pleased to announce the release of Print Audit ICE version 1.31.0R which features a variety of enhancements and improvements over the previous release.

Some of the most outstanding improvements:

  • General – Fixed issue where ICE was allowing discovery scan intervals of less than 60 minutes and quick scan intervals less than 30 minutes when using local configurations.
  • Brother – Added support for host name for devices that report it.
  • Brother – Fixed issue where toner percentage levels were not being retrieved for older devices.
  • Canon – Added workaround for Canon firmware issue where life count was less than the internal 101 counter. Affected devices will see their life count increase with this release.
  • Epson – Added support for Duplex page counts for devices that report them.
  • HP – Added three-tier billing counters for devices that report HPs PageWide counters. Level 1 is Monochrome and Accent color, Level 2 is General Office color and Level 3 is Presentation, Professional and Max Color.
  • Lexmark – Added reporting of supply serial number, install date and pages output for devices that report them.
  • Ricoh – Added waste toner reporting for devices that support it.
  • Samsung – Added workaround for some Samsung models reporting incorrect system ids. Models like the M4070 and M4020 should now properly get toner serial numbers and extended counts.
  • Samsung – Added support for host name for devices that report it.
  • Samsung – Fixed issue where firmware version was not being retrieved for some devices.

ICE will periodically check for a new version and will automatically download and install the update. You can also reinstall ICE manually by downloading it from the following location.