Case Study: Dove Data Products: Success with Print Audit Premier

Close more deals, retain more customers with Print Audit Premier

Print Audit Premier is helping Dove Data in every step of the sales cycle:

  • WIN CUSTOMERS: Played a key role in Dove winning 6 large accounts.
  • KEEP CUSTOMERS: Helped retain 4 customers with significant local printer fleets.
  • BUILD RECURRING REVENUE: Secured an additional $3,700,000 in annual revenue.

“I have closed 100% of the deals that I have gotten the software installed in.”
Greg Brisco, District Manager for Dove Data Products

About Dove Data Products

Dove Data Products, a full service print solution provider and manufacturer of American-made toner cartridges, has been offering unsurpassed customer service and first-rate products for over two decades. Dove offers all makes and models of printers and MFPs as well as OEM and compatible toner cartridges. The company employs a nationwide fleet of service professionals to provide desktop service and support to its customers.

The Situation Before Premier

Prior to becoming a Premier member Dove’s MPS approach had become outdated. A person had to physically touch many of the devices in Dove’s Machines in Field multiple times a month in order to get page counts of non-networked equipment. Dove’s technicians were reactive in responding to service requests and the company frequently missed out on MFP deals by not being able to discover all of the devices current and potential customers had in their environment.

“We were limited to only managing locations where we had a physical presence because we couldn’t rely on the customers to get us the data we needed. Either that or pay travel expenses just for an employee to record page counts, which isn’t always cost effective.”Greg Brisco, District Manager for Dove Data Products

Dove Data’s Premier Approach

Dove Data joined Print Audit Premier in October of 2012. Premier is a new subscription service that gives office equipment dealers use of all Print Audit products at a low, fixed monthly price. Under Premier membership, Dove controls the pricing and usage of these tools. The print management capabilities available to Dove via Premier include rapid assessment, print workflow assessment, remote meter reading, supplies fulfillment, service alerting, cost recovery, rules-based printing, as well as secure print and pull-printing functions.

Lead With Assessments

“In every large opportunity we approach we now advise the customer that we would like to provide a print assessment of their current environment using Print Audit tools,” stated Brisco. “We provide a snap-shot of what their current environment looks like and make recommendations of where we can make things flow more efficiently and more cost effectively.”

“In my personal experience I have closed 100% of the deals that I have gotten the software installed in.”

Provide Flexible Billing Options

Premier’s unique pricing structure enables Dove to create a tailored solution for each customer. “We bill for the software by seat, we can incorporate the cost of the software into the hardware, consumables or support of the devices,” said Brisco.

“Premier’s flexibility allows us to provide a billing structure that is simplistic and in the customer’s best interest.”

Offer True Managed Print Services

“For most office equipment dealers MPS equals cost per page but those terms are not synonymous. Many office equipment dealers provide monitored print services as opposed to managed print services,” explains Brisco. “We offer a true managed service. The Premier program allows us to not only monitor every device but impact end-user printing behavior by implementing capabilities such as rules-based-printing to allow our customers to cut costs.”

Deliver Proactive Service and Support

“The Premier program allows us to approach larger customers with multiple locations across the country and puts us in a tier where we can manage that business better than any other company,” said Brisco. “With Premier we now have the ability to offer proactive service because we can see all networked and local devices and proactively schedule maintenance. We can also capture page counts remotely which helps to keep costs down since we don’t have employees dedicated specifically for that purpose.”

“So far the functionalities of the Premier program have helped us win the business of 6 customers, which I estimate will equal an increase in revenue of about $3,700,000 per year for us.”Greg Brisco, District Manager for Dove Data Products

The Results – Print Audit is helping Dove Data achieve all 3 of Premier’s brand promises:

Played a key role in Dove winning 6 large accounts.
15 additional opportunities in progress because of Premier.
No print management customers lost since joining Premier.
Helped retain 4 customers with significant local printer fleets.
Secured an additional $3,700,000 in annual revenue.
Local tracking has increased captured pages by 15% in 4 accounts.

“The knowledge that we’ve gained from your team as a result of becoming a Premier member has put us in an upper echelon in our understanding of the industry and we have become more competitive as a result.”Greg Brisco, District Manager for Dove Data Products

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