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Discover the transformative advantages of modern workplace printing with Printix, the leading cloud print management Software as a Service (SaaS). Tailored for businesses of all sizes, Printix eliminates the necessity for traditional on-premises print management software and the burden of associated print servers. Streamline your printing processes effortlessly and embrace a future-ready approach to efficient, cloud-powered print management.

Kofax – Printix Features

  • Serverless Print Infrastructure

    Eliminate print servers from your network infrastructure and create a secure, cloud-managed print infrastructure.

    • Central print queue and print driver management
    • Print Drivers stored in the cloud
    • Central web-based management portal
  • Simplified Print Management

    Central management for printer deployment with automatic updates from any location at any time.

    • Delegrated Print Management
    • Analytics and Reports
    • Secure Print with card, ID Code or App
  • Print Anywhere/Print Later

    Release documents from the Printix App when you arrive at the printer. Or with Print Later, release documents to a printer at anytime.

    • Release jobs when user requires
    • Collect from any print device
    • Increased print and document security
  • Printix Secure Release Application

    Securely released documents and print jobs on Printix-managed printers.

    • Increase Print Security
    • Avoid leaving documents unattended on the printer
    • Ensure confidential document security and compliance
    • Reduce paper waste

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