Rapid Assessment Key

Rapid Assessment Key v2 (RAK) allows companies to easily gather meter reads, discover devices and troubleshoot document output issues in minutes.

The Rapid Assessment key is access via a USB drive which requires a physical scan on the network. This allows your business to gather device information instantly while face-to-face with your customer to review the results.

Rapid Assessment Key Features

  • Device Discovery

    Plug in the USB stick and scan the network to capture all the devices within the network

    • Instantly captures all devices within the network
    • Gather Toner usage and meter readings
    • Enter costs per device whist when you are onsite with the potential customer
  • Reporting

    Create instant reports for the customer or capture a second meter reading to compare data

    • Customisable reporting functionality
    • Volume data per device based on comparing two scans.
  • USB Hardware

    Collaborate with your potential customer to capture the data physically to stand out from your competitors

    • Easy to use with no installation of software
    • In-built device data storage for quick access of data
    • Allows face-to-face interaction with customer or prospect

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