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For forward-thinking organisations that have seamlessly transitioned their fundamental IT applications and infrastructure to the cloud, the logical progression is to extend this efficiency to encompass printing within their Software as a Service (SaaS) portfolio. Y-Soft’s cutting-edge solution, SafeQ Cloud, redefines the paradigm of print management by simplifying the optimisation of your print infrastructure, eliminating the need for traditional print servers, and seamlessly integrating the latest cloud technologies. Discover a new era of streamlined and efficient printing with Y-Soft’s SafeQ Cloud.

SafeQ Cloud Features

  • A solution built for cloud

    SafeQ lessens the burden on IT, removes reliance on print servers, enables central management and provides the strongest security between endpoints. This Cloud Platform enables you to seamlessly migrate an existing on-premise print environment to a cloud-based service, enabling the entire printing infrastructure to be deployed and controlled from a single web-based interface.

    • No need to install and maintain multiple print drivers for all your different printers
  • Highest possible security compliance

    Experience a robust shield for your sensitive information with full data encryption, ensuring airtight security both in transit and at rest. Our integrated auditing functionality empowers you to take a proactive stance in protecting your valuable data, facilitating seamless tracking of documents. Elevate your data security standards with our comprehensive solution, providing peace of mind and enabling you to navigate the evolving landscape of information protection with confidence.

    • Zero Trust requirements
    • End-to-end server to hardware encryption
    • Individual User Authentication
  • All-in-one print infrastructure solution

    HCP is a unique all-in-one print infrastructure solution, enabling organisations of all sizes to benefit from the agility and innovation of cloud technology.

    • Reduce the cost and complexity associated with a traditional print environment
    • A true single print driver that includes full finishing options for all major manufacturers

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