Cloud Quote

Cloud Quote is a Cost, Price, Quote Sales Tool that provides quick, accurate, consistent quoting output for sales enablement. CloudQuote utilising hosted and on-site technology designed to enhance the end-to-end sales process within your business.

CloudQuote enables the sales team to produce a quote in 3 minutes or less. Spend less time quoting and more time selling!


Cloud Quote Features

  • Customer Experience

    Improve your customer experience by introducing a professional and unified quotation & sales documentation

    • The quantitative elements are calculated with guaranteed precision.
    • It’s itemised with a precise configuration and specification schedule.
    • Provide instant quotations
  • Sales Executive

    Optimise and improve internal and external processes and sales management for maximising sales and quotation success

    • Managing pipelines is simple and effective thanks to our quick update features.
    • Our interface is easy to use, any sales rep can master it within minutes.
    • Automation is a breeze: Quotes are automatically added to reps’ pipelines when they’re generated.
  • Sales Management

    Simplified management and high-level reporting to analyse and monitor individual or group performance

    • Reassign a quote to a different rep instantly for easy workflow management if a rep leaves you.
    • Reduce your Cost To Quote both in time saved and financial output.
    • Rapid reporting (GP, Forecasting, Leads and Geographical reports as standard) as well as pipeline generation and upkeep.
  • Admin & Sales Support

    Empower your adminstration and sales support processes by streamlining the quotation and sales management tasks.

    • Save time thanks to the smart systems and automation allow the team to focus on client services and income generation.
    • Quick and simple uploading with the concurrent distribution of the product, pricing or rate changes onto the server by the administrator. It is instantly available to sales staff upon their next login.
    • Cut the correction process! Our product hierarchies eliminate user error by ONLY selecting compatible mainframes and accessories and automatically pricing each.

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