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Utilising this all-in-one digital marketing platform enables your business to streamline its marketing messages and communications to your customers. Distribute ‘ready-to-go’ content from email marketing and all major social media platforms. Proactively optimise your messages and website via the in-built dashboards and adapt how you target your customers and promote lead generation!

Evolved Office Features

  • eoSocial

    An established social media presence will give your campaign credibility. EO Social will help you communicate your brand in social media the right way, with the right content. We don’t just create content for you to share back; but we provide specific posts that you can use to increase the reach and impact of your social media presence! With one click, you can post to multiple social media channels and even your sales rep’s LinkedIn profile.

    • 'Ready-to-go professional industry content
    • Content scheduler
    • In-built analytics for all social media platforms
  • Website Analytics

    Digital Hub provides real-time summaries of website analytics and ongoing campaigns.

    • Real-time campaign monitoring
    • All-in-one website analytics
    • Website performance audit
  • eoEmail

    Email marketing is essential in nurturing prospects and creating significant relationships with customers. With EO Email, you can use a set of ready to go email templates that can be tailored to fit your brand identity and sent instantly. Save time, and get your marketing started as soon as possible; no need to start from scratch!

    • 'Ready-to-go professional industry content
    • Pre-built email structures
    • Email tracking and analytics dashboard
  • eoVideo

    Make knowledge transfer and communication easy with EO Video. Record quick videos of your screen and camera and share them instantly with your audience via a Link (to an individual) or broadcast to your audience. Invite members of your team to use video to communicate.

    • Sales - Close more deals by using videos to go over a proposal, share your products and services, present business reviews, and more.
    • Marketing – Do you have a new software update? A new product? Or perhaps, an incoming lunch and learn event? Shoot a video and mass broadcast it to your audience!
    • Support – Use video to teach your customers how to troubleshoot a problem and for them to understand your products and services. Build a relationship with them and show them how it works!

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