Case Study: Printer Pro Solutions Inc. – Success with Print Audit Premier

Win Customers, Keep Customers, Build Recurring Revenue with Print Audit Premier

Print Audit Premier is helping Printer Pro in every step of the Sale cycle:

  • WIN CUSTOMERS – Major factor in Printer Pro winning an 8 million page per month deal
  • KEEP CUSTOMERS – No print management customers lost
  • BUILD RECURRING REVENUE – Premier has helped add $100,000 in monthly revenue. A single deal paid for Premier subscription for 6 years

“I have not come across a business model that provides as much of a competitive edge as Premier.”

Chris Gardella, President, Printer Pro Solutions Inc.

About Printer Pro Solutions Inc.

Printer Pro Solutions is the leader in managed print solutions within the Northeast. The company has helped organizations both big and small save money and increase productivity with a managed print solution. Printer Pro is committed to helping organizations save money, update their printing equipment for free, and take the headache out of managing printing operations.

The Situation Before Premier

Prior to joining Print Audit Premier, Printer Pro Solutions’ MPS offering was focused on the provision of hardware and supplies and service. This made it difficult for Printer Pro to compete with the large OEM’s as these elements have been largely commoditised.

Printer Pro also lacked a remote device management solution capable of automating various elements of their MPS program. Therefore, the support Printer Pro provided to customers was reactive rather than proactive.

Finally, Printer Pro recognized that further savings could be gained by helping their customers to manage printing at the user level and that this would give them a competitive edge.

Printer Pro’s Premier Approach

Printer Pro joined Print Audit Premier in May of 2013 with a specific objective in mind which was to win a major new customer. UMASS Memorial Medical Center tasked Printer Pro with proactive management of their overall fleet and controlling print volumes in an effort to reduce costs.

Printer Pro discovered that Print Audit Premier gives office equipment dealers use of all Print Audit’s capabilities at a low, fixed monthly price. Under Premier, Printer Pro was able to offer UMASS a comprehensive solution from one technology partner which includes remote meter reading, supplies and service management, rules-based printing, and ongoing workflow assessment.

Offer Comprehensive Assessments and Proof of Concepts

Printer Pro offers potential clients pre-sales assessments using tools included with Premier. The assessment phase uncovers inefficiencies by revealing key user workflow data such as who is printing, what is being printed, the size of each job and more. This data is then used to develop Printer Pro’s MPS strategy for each customer. In some cases, the company performs extended proof of concepts to demonstrate the value of their print management approach.

Include Print Management with Every Deal

Printer Pro now includes user management tools in all of their MPS proposals. “The cost savings that these tools deliver are a major competitive advantage for the company. Premier has allowed us to become a leader here in the Northeast in the MPS arena”, stated Chris Gardella, President of Printer Pro. “Print Audit 6 was a major factor in us beating most of the leading OEM’s in a deal for one of the largest end-user sites in Massachusetts. The money Premier saved us (over a purchase of the software) in this deal alone will cover the cost of our Premier membership for more than 6 years.”

Print Management with Flexible Pricing

Because Premier offers a large bundle of licenses at a fixed monthly cost, Printer Pro now has a variety of options when it comes to including print management tools in their deals. “I feel it is my responsibility to provide my clients with solutions to reduce document creation costs,” said Gardella. “Premier enables us to price the software in accordance to the customer’s ability to pay. We find that this flexibility very much gives us a leg up on any of the competition.”

Convert Break-Fix Customers to MPS Accounts

After just 10 months on the Premier program, Printer Pro has converted 30% of their break-fix customers into MPS accounts which now incorporate a variety of print management solutions. “Our current customers find it very enlightening when we show them exactly what their users are printing via the assessment. This opens the door for us to manage their entire print environment,” stated Gardella.

“The money Premier saved us in the UMASS deal alone will cover the cost of our membership for more than 6 years”

Chris Gardella, President, Printer Pro Solutions Inc.

The Results – Print Audit is helping PPSI achieve all 3 of Premier s brand promises:

Premier was a major factor in Printer Pro winning an 8 million page per month deal.

Paved the way for other potential wins including 20 school districts with over 200 schools.
No print management customers lost since joining Premier.

Increased stickiness in current and new accounts by moving them to MPS contracts.
Played a key role in gaining new accounts worth $100,000 in monthly revenue.

Have converted 30% of break-fix customers to MPS contracts using Print Audit’s tools.

“Premier has helped out a great deal with our internal cash ow and we are nding that we are no longer chasing that one big order every month,” concludes Gardella. “We now have a very good handle on what our monthly spend is in order to support our MPS clients.”


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