Case Study: Standley Systems: Success with Print Audit Premier

Win Customers, Keep Customers, Build Recurring Revenue with Print Audit Premier

Print Audit Premier is generating value and savings at every stage of the sales cycle for Standley:

  • WIN CUSTOMERS: Adding 4 to 6 customers monthly using print management software.
  • KEEP CUSTOMERS: No print management customers lost since joining Premier.
  • BUILD RECURRING REVENUE: Generating a monthly return of 200% on their subscription. Driving additional equipment sales using proof of concept and assessments.

“Within 90 days of signing up for Premier we are already profiting from the program”

Donny Mihalevich, Chief Technology Officer of Standley Systems

About Standley Systems

The largest Savin dealer in Oklahoma, Standley Systems has helped keep offices running smoothly and efficiently since 1934. Standley offers a full line of innovative digital equipment as well as state-of-the-art software solutions that can address all organizations document and print management challenges.

The Challenge Before Premier

Prior to signing up for Premier, Standley Systems was collecting meter reads from its customers using a proprietary tool from Ricoh. This product did not offer automated supplies fulfillment, did not track local devices and was less accurate when it came to non-Ricoh devices.

Although Standley was conducting some in-depth print assessments, their frequency was limited due to the cost of the assessment software tools.
Print management tools were offered to customers via an outright purchase model. This delayed the return on investment on the solutions and limited the number of organizations choosing to adopt them.

Standley’s Premier Process

Standley joined Print Audit Premier in June of 2012. Premier is a new subscription service that gives office equipment dealers use of all Print Audit products at a low, fixed monthly price. Under Premier membership, Standley controls the pricing and usage of these tools.

The print management capabilities available to Standley Systems via Premier include rapid assessment, print workflow assessment, remote meter reading, supplies fulfillment, service alerting, cost recovery, rules-based printing, as well as secure print and pull-printing functions.

Getting a foot in the door with new prospects

Under Print Audit Premier, the Facilities Manager tool plays a key role for Standley at the prospecting stage, since it can be installed in a matter of minutes and provides instant access to valuable information such as print volumes, toner coverage and device properties on all printers. This information is then used to pave the way for a full print assessment.

Providing print assessments and proof of concepts

A comprehensive print assessment using Print Audit 6 helps Standley uncover inefficiencies by revealing key user workflow data such as who is printing, what is being printed, the size of each job and more. If necessary, Standley can also offer a proof of concept in order to validate the savings that can be achieved by combining new equipment with Print Audit solutions such as Rules and Recovery.

Generating additional recurring revenue

70% of print assessments, which also include a proof of concept, turn into MPS deals for us, stated Donny Mihalevich, Chief Technology Officer of Standley Systems. Once the deal is closed, organizations pay Standley for the software under a monthly billing model. Currently Standley’s monthly billing under the Premier program is close to $5,000 for Print Audit 6 alone, which is a 200% return on their monthly subscription.

Creating ongoing stickiness

With Premier, Standley retains ownership of the Print Audit solutions. This makes it less likely that clients will leave Standley’s program, since they would be giving up the cost savings and other benefits they are achieving using Print Audit tools.

“Premier drives equipment sales in that a successful assessment or proof of concept using Print Audit’s tools almost always has equipment tied to it.”
Donny Mihalevich, Chief Technology Officer of Standley Systems

The Results – Print Audit is helping Standley achieve all 3 of Premier’s brand promises:

    Conducting an average of 9 assessments and proof of concepts per month.
    Adding 4 to 6 customers monthly using print management software.
    Able to offer automated supplies fulfillment with Facilities Manager.
    No print management customers lost since joining Premier.
    Generating a monthly return of 200% on their monthly subscription cost.
    Only using 15% of the licensing included with their subscription so far.

“The best part about Premier is its ability to generate revenue. By charging for the program’s user management tools, our use of capabilities such as print assessment and device monitoring is essentially free.”
Donny Mihalevich, Chief Technology Officer of Standley Systems

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