Tech Update: Print Audit User Management 7.5.27 Release Notes

IUM 7.5.27 is now live!

Below are the release notes for version 7.5.27 of Print Audit User Management


  • Added ability for administrator users to select a release queue for releasing held jobs
  • Added ability for administrator users to manage all secured jobs
  • Added ability to release a single held job by an administrator
  • Added ability to release one or more selected held jobs
  • Added ability to select all or individual held jobs
  • Added new column to secured job list to indicate job compatibility to selected queue


  • Improved error handling when the application is unable to reach an embedded device during registration


  • Fixed issue where validation of custom date and time values were not handling properly


  • Fixed issue where modified paper size cannot be saved or cancelled


  • Added sorting order in subtitles for reports with sorting option
  • Fixed issue where Analysis Reporting template names were duplicated in dropdown

To view the release notes within IUM:

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