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Know Your Knowns – Know Your Unknowns

The first crucial step for all managed programs.

PAE offers a range of discovery tools to capture and collate data from network and local devices, and user data.
The total number of pages sent to devices and the actual volume of printing can be identified.
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Remote Management

Manage devices, costs and more

Maximise customer service and manage costs.

Our award winning software provides complete monitoring of all the print devices in the managed environment. Capturing meter readings in support of the current MPS programme.

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Print Governance

Control print behaviour, control costs

Improve security and add value to your customers.

Defined print management rules and secure printing methods to manage the print environment and ensure data security within. Delivering a comprehensive managed print service to your clients, adding to your value as a service provider.

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Business Processes

Input, output, intelligent decisions

Make better business decisions.

Make intelligent business decisions and gain insights based on in-depth analysis and a reporting solution. Integrating all business functions with a Service Management ERP System to manage customers, print devices, service calls, inventory, customer contracts, billing, profitability, and resources.

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new user management customers have been added by Premier members.
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of customers that have been added by Premier members are still active.
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in additional monthly revenue is being generated by Premier members.

Print Audit Premiere


Win Customers

80% of MPS and equipment deals are won using user and device assessment tools. Premier includes unlimited, in-depth assessments.

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Keep Customers

With Premier, your customer doesn’t own the software; you do. This makes it more difficult for them to leave your program.

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Business Processes

Build Recurring Revenue

Premier members charge customers for user management software while paying a fixed cost, which means their profits go up with every customer.

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Our range of award-winning products

Print Audit 6

Manage print, reduce costs

Print Audit 6

Print Audit 6 enables organisations to significantly lower costs and their environmental impact of printing. Our customers have a variety of requirements which the flexibility of Print Audit 6 suits. The main requirements our customers can be summarised into two main requirements.

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Print Audit Embedded

MCS at your fingertips

Print Audit Embedded

Print Audit has a variety of embedded scan, fax and copy tracking solutions. Recover 100% of your copying, scanning, and faxing costs. Authenticate users directly on your MFP_s LCD panel Automate your chargeback process.

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Facilities Manager

Automate MPS programmes

Print Audit Facilities Manager

Facilities Manager is a powerful and easy to use tool designed to remotely collect meter readings, automate supplies fulfillment and provide service information for the effective management of fleets of printers, copiers, fax machines, and multi-functional devices.

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Rapid Assessment Key

Discover output devices

Rapid Assessment Key

Rapid Assessment Key v2 (RAK) allows companies to easily gather meter reads, discover devices and troubleshoot document output issues in minutes. Print Audit is the ONLY print management company that has been given access to all of the major office equipment manufacturers_ device information.

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Thoughts, News & Trends

Get inspiration from our international blog, reflecting on the latest trends in the printing, managed print and print management industry, sharing thoughts about workflow automation, digital transformation, the Internet of Things, analytics, change management and many more.

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Paul Donohue
Paul Donohue
Paul Donohue Paul Donohue moved into the Office Equipment & Print Industry 15 years ago, bringing with him some 15
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Ian Dunsmore
Ian Dunsmore Ian Dunsmore began his career in the Office Equipment and Print Industry over 30 years ago. He spent
Philip Madders
Philip Madders
Philip Madders Rather worrying when you can offer over 30 years of experience in the B2B Market - it was

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