Printanista Hub

Introducing the Printanista Hub – a cutting-edge, cloud-based service tool meticulously crafted to revolutionize the efficiency of meter collection, billing processes, and service delivery associated with your multifunctional printer (MFD) environments. Our platform not only simplifies these critical aspects but also elevates the overall customer experience to unprecedented levels.

Gain unparalleled control and insight into your fleet of devices with our unified view feature. No longer will you need to worry about intricate details scattered across various platforms. The Printanista Hub consolidates all your device-related information into one cohesive and user-friendly interface, providing you with a comprehensive overview that empowers informed decision-making.

Elevate your print environment with Printanista Hub and redefine the way you manage your MFDs, setting new standards for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Printanista Hub Features

  • Remote Device Link

    Gain access to any MFD devices internal webpage (GUI) directly from the Printanista Hub Portal with no additional onsite components

    • Available on all manufacturers
    • Configure and administrator devices without sending an engineer
    • Update devices Firmware from the portal
  • Alerting

    Automatic alerts to notify users of low toner, consumable replacements, error codes to ensure zero downtime on your machines

    • Flexible smart alerting configuration for your business requirements
    • Notification of device requirements at the right time
    • Integration into external solutions for automated toner ordering
  • Reporting

    Automatically generate out of the box or custom reports to assist management of your customers printing environment.

    • Schedule reports daily, weekly or monthly
    • Integration with ERP provider
    • Report on competitors’ devices for competitive analysis
  • Data Collection

    Install the DCA on all major operating systems within the network to capture print device data remotely and can be accessed through the Printanista Hub web-portal.

    • Capture data without installation
    • Adaptable scan times to fit your requirements
    • Collect critical device data remotely

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