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The Managed Print Channel continues to face the challenges of reducing revenues, recruiting the right person, and the need to invest to support the increasingly connected office space of 2024. The need to work smarter, increase the productivity and cut the hidden costs of doing business are more critical than ever. A year ago, we launched CloudQuote – a Configure, Price, Quote tool for any organisation that sells B2B. We naturally focussed on our channel initially.  

We have averaged an installation every month since launch. Our customers have ranged from 2 users in Galway. To improve the accuracy of the ordering process, a Tier 1 OEM to address the time wasted providing software solutions quotations to their channel partners, and a Security division of a large VAR selling CCTV and alarm systems, who had seen how the Printer Division was utilising CloudQuote. The key benefits across the board have been many but if you consider just three areas of your business and the impact we have seen after implementing the solution: 


Can produce very professional & detailed quotations in minutes. Rather than hours spent cutting & pasting images into documents’ and checking the pricing is UpToDate. Allowing the sales individual to focus on new opportunities and further improve relations with existing customer accounts. Helping where headcount is tight and creating more time to focus on selling. 

Management Team

Have complete visibility of sales pipeline in the organisation. Insight into productivity of sales team, popular products, productive areas, forecasting for ordering on stock requirements going forward, upcoming installations, accurate pricing, and consistent messaging to the market.  


Every quotation successfully closed, can generate a Sales Order and Service Agreement to be processed based on the customers sign off. No disputes over what was ordered and paid for or chasing Sales for the paperwork. Allowing relevant departments to plan installations in advance maximising time efficiency of IT resource – where time is money.  

“CloudQuote has improved turnaround times for quotations as account managers can access the application outside of the office by utilising the CloudQuote application on their mobile phones. It creates more time for other sales activity, leaves less room for error and has given us standardisation across the company.”  

Damian Engelbrecht, Director – MJ Flood – Dublin 

The word Cloud we can create from our customers feedback includes – Automation, Company image, Pricing control, Responsive, Professional, Audit Trail, Who Knew, Time, Productivity.  

It has been a genuine surprise to me that such a simple idea. Giving the salesperson a tool to generate a quotation can have such a massive impact in a business.  If I had of thought about it for a moment it is obvious… Quotations and closing deals are the lifeblood of all our businesses. It should not have been a surprise, but there you go. 

Written by: Phil Madders, Director – PAE Business 

If you wish to find out more information about the PAE Business and Cloud Quote. Please use the following contact methods: email, visit or call +44 (0) 1483 726 206. 

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