PAe Business releases latest TCO analysis and MPS Proposal Generator in the UK

PAe Business | Guildford, 16th February 2017

SalesDrive is designed to accelerate and modernise Managed Print Services Proposals and Sales Cycles

The SalesDrive tool allows sales and consultants to generate fast and detailed reports on the customer site. Customers receive current state information on costs, usage of machines and accessories.

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SalesDrive is accompanied by captureIT, the iPad app for plotting assets on visual floor plans. The visualisation of the office environment can be uploaded or downloaded to represent print usage, environment, and cost data.

The current state output generated by SalesDrive with captureIT can be compared to a proposed solution. Reports are created with detailed assessments of current costs and environmental impact of the current fleet to compare to the recommended solution. SalesDrive can report in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.



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