Access device webpages with Printanista

Remotely access the webpage of any print device on the portal for Traige and Troubleshooting: 

Game Changer is an overused phrase – especially for me as one of the teams I follow – the Harlequins Rugby Club. The previous coaching regime (thankfully now ended) the phrase Game Changer was used to describe the replacements coming onto the pitch after 60 or so minutes. Sadly, they seldom if ever changed the game, and if they did it always seemed to be for the worse.  

So, when I heard that the new Device Management platform, Printanista,  being released by our partners ECI was a game changer, I inwardly groaned. Well, imagine my delight when the platform introduced not only lived up to the hype, but our customers when they have seen it have uttered that phrase without any prompting. The feature causing this is known by the least exciting name ever – Remote Device Link! 

So, what are the benefits of Remote Device Link, or RDL, (TLA already in play). Like so many breakthroughs – it is simple in what it does – but has an enormous impact for any organisation supporting printers or MFPs (Multifunction Printer) at their customers. It takes what can already be done in proprietary solutions from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and makes it available in one portal across all manufacturers.  

Our customers can now login onto the webpage of any device that has an internal webpage – as if they were stood next to the machine or on the customers network and carry out triage, configuration, and firmware updates on the device without disturbing the customer, or even worse sending an engineer on site.  

They no longer need – 

2 or 3 separate device management platforms to cover a multi brand fleet, so they done need 3 logins, duplicate systems, three platforms to be trained on 

To call the customer to arrange a remote session using TeamViewer or similar 

Call a customer to talk them through a configuration issue whist they stand by the machine 

Call a customer to arrange a time to do any of the above 

Or worst of all dispatch an engineer to do it because the customer is just too busy to assist. 

All these options cost money and time and reduce productivity 

And the cost of this game changer – nothing just upgrades from your current platform with our migration tools if you are one existing 700 dealers, and if you are new to us, we can plan to migrate your existing set up using our well established and very effective transformation process.  

It does stacks more but RDL is a great tool too have in difficult times as it improves your business and service capability.  Get in touch and we will happily show it to you… 

Thankfully, Quins changed their game literally and won the Premiership title as a result – I believe that Remote Device Link will have the same impact. 

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