Boost productivity with location-aware printing

After many months of working from home, organisations worldwide are welcoming their employees back into the office.

However, this semi-return to normal has brought back the age-old problem of ensuring users have access to printers and multifunctional devices across different locations.

After almost 18-months of remote working, employees are now embracing new hybrid working models. In many cases, people are no longer based full-time in one location – some are traveling between different offices (as well as working across various departments) and IT administrators are having to manage a fresh influx of helpdesk calls from individuals who can’t connect to a printer.

At EveryonePrint, we want to make print easy and less complex. We know that accommodating users who work across several locations and require access to different printers and multifunctional devices can be challenging and time-intensive for IT to manage— as well as frustrating for individuals who find they can’t print when they need to.

The good news is, with the location-aware printing feature in Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP), it’s really easy to ensure users can seamlessly and securely access a printer, regardless of network or location.

Easier administration

HCP lessens the load on IT, simplifies print fleet management, enables printer access without IT intervention and eliminates time-consuming helpdesk calls.

There’s no need for IT administrators to map and assign print queues for users. With HCP, you can manage printer deployment, configure default settings and control access from a central point.

HCP can help reduce print-related helpdesk tickets, removing the requirement for IT to set up new printers or print queues for each location. The HCP PC Client automatically manages devices based on administrators’ settings.

Make printing simple

Plus, by removing print driver and printer mapping requirements, HCP streamlines and simplifies the new user onboarding process.

HCP’s location-aware printing feature automatically detects a users’ location. Available printers are automatically displayed (and devices that are no longer available, automatically removed) – making it impossible to send a print job to a device that isn’t at their current location.

Employees don’t have to waste time configuring or setting up new devices or scrolling through multiple printers and drivers already set up on their laptops or desktop computers — meaning they can get straight down to work.

In a nutshell, HCP makes printing less complex for end-users and reduces the burden on IT. There’s also the additional value-add to the bottom line. Organisations benefit from cost savings associated with allocating expensive IT resources for administration and ongoing support for the print infrastructure.

So, if your business operates from multiple locations, branches, or even countries, and you want to make accessing printers totally seamless for everyone, regardless of their location or network

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