Physical print infrastructures are so last year

A recent study revealed that cloud-first organisations now outnumber on-premise organisations by a ratio of three-to-one. That comes as no surprise when you consider that mass remote working driven by the global pandemic, turned business as usual on its head, forcing firms to push cloud adoption roadmaps much higher up the corporate agenda.

Managing printers and printer users can be a pain for IT

One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is its ability to lessen the load of managing infrastructure, a burden traditionally borne by time-strapped IT leads. And print is a great example of where the cloud delivers a real value-add both in terms of reducing burden as well as improving the bottom line. Managing printers and printer users can be a pain for IT – think how much time and cost it takes to connect printers and users, manage updates, keep on top of security patches etc. and for firms running a mixed vendor fleet as well as ones with a regional or even international presence – those costs can very quickly spiral in an upward direction.

Migrating to a cloud-based print infrastructure removes complexity, reduces the pressure on IT and lowers support costs. Moving print to a secure cloud-based platform enables IT to deploy and control the entire infrastructure – no matter how many users, locations, or even countries – from a single web-based interface.

HCP is a painkiller

At its core, Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) takes the pain out of print – in particular removing the legacy headache of managing multiple print drivers. HCP’s full featured single driver vastly simplifies ongoing management, there’s no need to download individual print drivers for every device on the network, manage multiple print queues, update multiple print drivers or troubleshoot print driver conflicts – it’s all taken care of. Plus, the single driver can be deployed across multiple domains, and all settings and updates are automatically handled across the entire fleet.

It’s not just IT that benefit from a print infrastructure that’s not reliant on on-premise infrastructure. Implementing a cloud-first approach to print delivers hassle-free printing for individual users. By automating the printer deployment process for end-users, HCP eliminates common issues around connecting to a printer, installing print drivers or accessing printers from multiple locations.

Flexibility of HCP

With HCP, users can print anything from anywhere, to any device. The single driver includes full finishing options for all major manufacturers – meaning jobs will be printed in the right format, regardless of which printer is used. Printers can also be location aware, so that the nearest devices are automatically added to users’ workstations. Users will be seamlessly connected to these devices, and the printers will update if they change network or location.

Moving print to the cloud is a win-win for everyone

HCP is a unique all-in-one print infrastructure solution, enabling organisations of all sizes to benefit from the agility and innovation of cloud technology. Moving print to the cloud is a win-win for everyone – ensuring end-users can easily access printers from anywhere and from any device, has a positive impact on the number of print-related tickets raised, freeing up IT staff to focus on other business-critical areas.

HCP makes streamlining the print infrastructure, eliminating print servers, and incorporating cloud technologies extremely easy, isn’t it time you took print to the cloud?

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